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Darbar E KHWAJA MOINUDDIN HASAN CHISHTY (R.A) a place where lots of hopes, wishes and desires are tied to be fulfilled. Devotees from all over the world visit holy darbar. People from every religion, caste, creed come here to seek blessings at the shrine of great sufi saint to show their devotion and offer prayers.

Pillars Of Islam


Mannat means prayer or a vow made to the lord, after fulfilment of which a person makes offerings to the Almighty God.

Monthly Chatti Sharif

Emperor Jahangir donated the other degh, the Small Degh, which, despite its little size, has a capacity of cooking for 2400 kg at a time


We are offering full set of Chadar for Darbar Sharif (Velvet Cloth), Flower and Ziarat for you Online.

Special Dua

It is said that every Mannat gets fulfilled in Dargah, provided it is made with a pure heart and pure intention.

Big Deg

Emperor Akbar presented the huge degh, which is a large device that can cook 4800 kg of food at a once.

Remember Your GOD

Weekely Programs For Tafseer ul Quran

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Garib Nawaz Foundation

Garib Nawaz Foundation doesn’t take zakaat Sadqa n Fitra if you want to give charity you can give for Nazar Niyaaz for The Darbaar of Huzoor Gareeb Nawaz r.a. or For Syeds n Sadad Family Or For the food n meal for Pilgrims and Devotee at the Holy Darbaar.


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Our Client

I love this place. I feel very relaxed in this place. I like it.

Raziul Hasan

Sukoon hai yahan khwaja sabki sunte hain. Ya gareeb nawaj.

Harry Singh

Love this place. Yar bhot shanti of sukoon h yahaa. Jannat h yaha.

Aima Shiekh

This is the best place in India, I like very much this is jannat.

Abbas Shiekh
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